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Why Policies Get Canceled

Insurance companies usually cancel policies because of non-payment, late payment or failure to renew the policy before its end date. Any of these results in a lapse in coverage, meaning that your vehicle is no longer covered with the state-required minimum liability. If your policy lapses, you need to get it reinstated as quickly as possible.

Avoid a Lapse in Coverage

If you are caught driving without insurance, severe penalties may be imposed on you. These include tickets, fines, suspension of your driver’s license or vehicle registration, having your car impounded (taken away), SR-22 filing requirement, and arrest. And keep in mind that while your car is uninsured, you are responsible for all damages and injuries that occur if you cause an accident, and this can be financially devastating. If your policy is canceled, make sure you get it reinstated promptly.

Illinois Vehicle Makes Reinstatement Easy

At Illinois Vehicle Auto Insurance, we understand that policy cancelation happens to a lot of customers, usually because a payment was missed. And yes, the risks and penalties for lapses in coverage are serious, but we make it easy for you to reinstate your policy. As long as your cancelation has been in effect for fewer than 60 days, a single payment reinstates your policy. But be aware that if your policy is canceled, you are not covered in the event that an accident occurs during the cancelation period.

Canceling Your Policy

Insurance companies don’t require you to pay the full amount of your policy up front. If you are unhappy with your current insurance provider, you can call the company to cancel the policy, or you can stop making payments and your policy will be canceled automatically, and then you can switch carriers. But remember to put your new policy in place before your old one lapses. If you are without coverage and you have an accident, you are not covered. Don’t let that happen to you!