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Illinois Vehicle Seguro de Auto Prospect Heights

1201 N Elmhurst Rd, Ste C
Prospect Heights, IL 60070
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Gerente: Angel Garcia

About this Neighborhood and Store

Prospect Heights was developed in 1935 to meet the dreams of Depression-weary families. The community grew comfortably until the 1960s, when the boom in development began to cause problems. The need for controlled growth led to incorporation in 1976, and the City of Prospect Heights was officially born. The city now has multifamily as well as single-family housing, and many businesses. All of this activity translates into a lot of traffic on the streets of Prospect Heights, so be sure you have the right auto insurance. Stop by the Illinois Vehicle office on Elmhurst Road and let our agents create a policy that fits your needs and your wallet.

Gerente: Angel Garcia